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The COVID‑19
Ecommerce Pulse Report

Your source for data on rapidly changing industry
trends in the time of Coronavirus

COVID Buisness Continuity

Business Continuity
Through COVID‑19

Minimize disruption to your business with tailor-made
solutions that address the unique needs of retailers today

Staying safe and working for you: Read about the steps Signifyd is taking right now in response to COVID‑19

Optimize Revenue. Eliminate Fraud.

An AI-based approach leveraging the Signifyd Commerce Network™ to fuel ecommerce growth

Fraud protection means her order isn't rejected

Earn the Customer

Your customers are changing. As millennials and Gen Zs become active shoppers, get ready to meet their uncompromising demands on the retail experience.

Outperform Ecommerce:
How to Grow Your Share in a Competitive Market.

Maximize the Conversion

You invest everything into attracting new customers. Don’t lose them to leakage from rigid or dated infrastructure. Capture that customer lifetime value.

Our experts can take you through a
Revenue Leakage Diagnostic.

Get a Revenue Leakage Diagnostic

Fraud protection helps maximize CLV

Protect the Experience

With cybercrime and devastating data breaches on the rise, it’s easy to give in to fear. Learn how to protect your business while supporting commerce across channels, across borders and with seamless checkout.

Deliver seamless buying experiences without fear of fraud. Get guaranteed ecommerce fraud protection.