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Payments: A Force Multiplier for Revenue Growth

How investing in modern payment and fraud-prevention technologies will help maximize both operational and revenue efficiencies for ecommerce.

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Key findings in the 451 Research report


False declines led to more than $16bn in unnecessarily lost purchases in the last year.


Of consumers said they’ll shop with a merchant less often if they experience a falsely declined transaction.


Of merchants are in strong agreement that modern payments infrastructure will have a highly transformative impact on their business over the next three years.

Merchants are up against a confluence of forces that impede their ability to secure and grow revenue. Many of these forces – such as increasing customer acquisition costs, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages – are largely outside their control. Adding to the challenge, customer demands are steadily increasing.

This means it’s imperative for business leaders to seek out optimization opportunities to better serve their customers and drive revenue growth. This 451 Research report indicates the most digitally advanced merchants have recognized that payments are a high-impact area where optimization can have an outsized effect on organization‑wide performance.

Read the report to better understand why high-performing enterprises are doubling down on payment optimizations to distance themselves from the pack and how you can start modernizing your payments infrastructure to unlock revenue growth.

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  • Detailed research on economic pressures for ecommerce
  • Expert advice on how merchants can use their payment stack as an area of revenue optimization
  • How to tie payment strategies to core business objectives to maximize ROI

As business leaders search across their organizations for optimization opportunities, they mustn’t ignore the latent promise in payments. There are few functions within a business where several strategies and technology changes can drive a double-digit revenue lift in short order. Payments are one of those areas.

— Jordan McKee, Principal Research Analyst, Customer Experience & Commerce, 451 Research