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Risk & Reward

The Apparel Industry’s
Digital Transformation

Apparel is one of the fastest-moving verticals in retail. While some legacy brick-and-mortar retailers face an existential struggle, new entrants are finding success creating fresh customer experiences and appealing to digitally native consumers. And online sales are flourishing, notching double-digit growth. Signifyd has taken a deep dive into the industry to help apparel merchants see where they stand and where their industry is going.

  • Dominant trends that are shaping retail apparel
  • Key challenges facing apparel merchants
  • Fraud trends in the apparel sector
  • A look at the future of apparel

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Risk & Reward:
The Apparel Industry’s
Digital Transformation

Key Findings

Projected growth in apparel sales in 2018, according to McKinsey
How much bigger athleisure’s sales growth was than apparel overall in 2016
The share of clothing and shoes sales being captured by Amazon and its marketplace by the end
of 2017