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Risk & Reward

The Automotive Industry’s
Digital Transformation

The slowdown in auto sales has meant something of a boon for aftermarket automotive industry sales — and many of those sales are happening online. The growth in online sales hasn’t gone unnoticed by Amazon, which has moved aggressively into both auto and auto part sales. With auto sales picking up again, the volume and nature of automotive industry sales could be in for yet another shift. Signifyd has taken a deep dive into the industry to help automotive industry merchants see where they stand and where their industry is going. Learn about:

  • Dominant trends that are shaping
    the automotive industry
  • Key challenges facing automotive
    industry merchants
  • Fraud trends in the automotive industry
  • A look at the future of the automotive industry

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Risk & Reward:
The Automotive Industry’s
Digital Transformation

Key Findings

Projected decline in U.S.
auto sales in 2018,
according to BMI Research
Annual sales growth in automotive aftermarket industry sales over the past decade
Predicted growth in online automotive aftermarket
sales this year