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Risk & Reward

The Consumer Electronics
Industry’s Digital Transformation

Shoppers’ interest in consumer electronics is on the rise after a brief lull in their love affair with gadgets. The rise of smart speakers, virtual reality and the internet of things is spurring a consumer electronics renaissance. Much of that resurgence will play out online in the coming year. Signifyd has taken a deep dive into the industry to help consumer electronics merchants see where they stand and where the industry is going. Learn about:

  • Dominant trends that are shaping personal electronics sales
  • Key challenges facing personal electronics merchants
  • Fraud trends in the personal electronics sector
  • A look at the future of personal electronics

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Risk & Reward: The Consumer Electronics Industry’s Digital Transformation

Key Findings

$1.6 Trillion
Value of the global consumer electronics industry by 2020
Growth rate for consumer electronic sales in the United States in 2018
Increase in total fraud losses for the consumer electronics industry between 2016 and 2017