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Risk & Reward

The Land of 800 Billionaires:
Finding Cross-Border
Commerce Success in China

The opportunity for cross-border sales in China is undeniable — and staggering. The online market in the world’s most populous country is growing at a torrid pace, yet there is still vast room for growth. Chinese consumers are among the most digitally savvy in the world and they have a penchant for buying from foreign retailers. But the decision to move into the world’s largest ecommerce market is not a slam dunk. Navigating Chinese customs, currency, payment systems, logistics, consumer habits and regulations can be bewildering. Signifyd has taken a deep dive into the risks and rewards of selling into China. Learn about:

  • The different channels available for retailers looking to sell online in China
  • The specific reasons Chinese consumers make cross-border purchases
  • Successfully marketing to Chinese consumers
  • Six tips for retailers contemplating a move into China

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Key Findings

780 million
Estimated size
of Chinese middle class
within 10 year
ecommerce market
in 2022
$1.8 trillion
$100 billion
China’s 2017
ecommerce sales