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The Perfect Purchase Experience

Are you losing business due to your purchase experience? Read this report to learn how other retailers leverage payment options, incentives, and warranties to create the perfect experience.


Key findings in the “Digital Commerce 360” report


According to Allied Market Research, the estimated size of the global warranty market was $169.82 billion in 2021.


According to eMarkter, Venmo’s payment volume increased 44% YoY to $230 billion in 2021.


According to Worldpay, BNPL is projected to reach a 5.3% ($438 billion) share of global ecommerce transaction value by 2025.

As customer acquisition costs rise and the return on online ad spend drops, retailers are scrambling to maximize the value of every transaction. Giving shoppers fulfillment and payment options that meet their needs is proving to be a critical component of the buyer journey.

Read this report to learn how best-in-class retailers are leveraging various payment options, warranties, and other incentives to create excellent pre and post-purchase experiences that not only exceed customer expectations but also substantially increase revenue.

Get the report to learn how:

  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later options are trending with online retailers, and shoppers
  • The tools merchants are providing at checkout to give customers options
  • To defend against common ecommerce fraud tactics
  • To keep the customer’s attention after the purchase
  • Warranties can be a path to high conversions and larger order values

Merchants struggle to get the checkout experience right because they don’t know who the shopper is. They need to have a better understanding of identity and intent. Who is the shopper, what are they trying to do, are they a legitimate or lifetime-value customer or are they a fraudster? These are strategic questions that inform every aspect of the journey and experience.

— Indy Guha,
Chief Marketing Officer