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Digital Commerce 360 Internet Retailer Research

2022 leading vendors to the
top 1000 online retailers report

A data-driven analysis ranking Signifyd #1 in
Payment Security and Fraud Prevention

This report is a summary of exclusive internet retailer data, market research, case studies and ranking of the top 10 vendors in over 25 technology categories.


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Signifyd has put a stop to fraud orders

This is some of the best money we have ever spent. Besides the enormous amounts of money not being lost to fraud, it has freed up employee time, letting Signifyd take care of scanning the orders. Also, if you do have questions, Signifyd’s support group is always fast to respond.

Gary Bollinger
General Manager

Time and money saver!

We’ve saved a lot of money in charge back fees as well as countless hours from having to manual review orders. Signifyd also increasing our conversion rates by allowing more orders through that with our old fraud settings.

Dave Pelgorsch
E-Commerce Manager

Signifyd is amazing and covers all of our orders!

Time, time and more time. We are saving hours of man work having Signifyd as a business partner. Signifyd knows what they are doing and does this with accuracy and speed. When they do have to reach out to our customers, they are very professional and it does not deter our customers.

Chris Johnson
Sales Manager