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How Top Merchants Create the Best Customer Experience

Discover how to provide a superior customer experience with enhanced website content, personalization, customer service and more.

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Key Findings in the DC360 Report


Of consumers said retailers met their expectations and provided sufficient detailed product information to make a purchase


Of website pages are unseen by 95% or more of web traffic, according to a report by ContentSquare


Of online shoppers said detailed product descriptions was a feature that retailers should provide to deliver a well‑designed and functional shopping experience

Once online retailers master the basics, like an easy checkout page and a smooth fulfillment operation, they should turn their attention to creating the best online shopping experience.

Many retailers have reached this point and are grappling with questions on how to optimize the shopping experience. For example, what is necessary to include on the product detail page? Do shoppers want to be tracked if it means a better personalized shopping experience? If they experience an issue, how do shoppers want to interact with a customer service agent?

Download the report to view responses to these common questions, and to receive in‑depth insights from Digital Commerce 360 editors and subject-matter experts on how to create a superior experience for customers.

Learn how online retailers provide a superior shopping experience with:

  • Robust website content
  • Data‑driven personalization
  • Above‑and‑beyond customer service

Plus, exclusive data on the shopping tools the top online retailers provided and survey data on what shoppers say makes the best online shopping experience.

Joining a commerce network that allows retailers to deliver the advanced, data‑driven experiences consumers are now used to is a great start to improving customer experiences. Amazon has direct access to most consumers, which means they can deliver experiences based on predictive data that other individual retailers cannot replicate.

But if retailers tap into a large and diverse commerce network of other retailers, they have access to the same degree of consumer identity and intent intelligence as Amazon. That gives retailers what they need to build better shopping experiences on par with what consumers expect.”