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The Total Economic Impact™
of Signifyd Guaranteed Fraud Protection*

Fraudulent orders cost a lot more than just lost revenue. Forrester Consulting found that Signifyd helped five major retailers across different industries save substantial money on operations and gain millions in revenue by embracing our AI-powered fraud review.

The Total Economic Impact™ Signifyd Guaranteed Fraud Protection

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*The Total Economic Impact™ Of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, an August 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Signifyd.

Key findings in the Forrester study


Return on investment in installing Signifyd’s fraud solution

$4.8 million

Financial benefit over three years by switching from legacy system to Signifyd

4.6 percentage points

Increase in approved orders using Signifyd rather than legacy system

The Forrester study aggregates data and feedback from five different retail organizations to form a composite organization that illustrates how much damage mismanaged fraud can do. The return on investment analysis for switching from legacy systems to Signifyd demonstrates incremental profit from replacing outdated manual fraud review systems with an automated review system that approves orders in milliseconds.

Get the report to read key ways Guaranteed Fraud Protection helps retail leaders succeed:

  • Reduces the risk of losing credit agency due to high order cancellation, chargeback and fraud rates
  • Improves order approval rates and reduces the number of fraudulent orders being processed
  • Eliminates over 2,400 hours per year of manual order reviews
  • Provides the ability to confidently enter new markets — especially high-risk markets

For us, fraud comes in a wave. A chunk of activities would come in with fraudulent marks, but back then, we weren’t stopping them. We were always catching the tail end. And by then, the money was already gone. Signifyd allows us to be more proactive, rather than reactive in identifying and preventing these waves."

— Finance project manager, automotive industry