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State of Ecommerce Fraud in Europe 2021

An era of security & fraud innovation

This research report examines the rapid changes underway in the European market, the fraud trends that wreaked havoc on ecommerce retailers in 2020 and how the rollout of SCA is having a significant impact on European merchants. Signifyd’s Risk Intelligence team and ecommerce partners outline which fraud trends we can expect to see an uptick in during the holiday season and how fraud and risk professionals must quickly evolve their teams and SCA preparedness to meet the mounting European ecommerce pressures.


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Key insights from this report

82B €

Is how much European merchants stand to lose due to lost conversions from SCA


Increase in European fraud pressure as the market headed into the 2020 holiday season


Increase in the number of suspicious claims that an item arrived in an unsatisfactory condition in Europe

While the COVID-19 pandemic shook the entire ecommerce world to its core, the European market experienced a magnified shake up with the most recent PSD2 mandate. This unique mix of pandemic exposure and irregularity with SCA rollouts left merchants in a confused state as they attempted to fend off the evolving fraud spurred by the pandemic and maintain streamlined experiences for their customers. Needless to say, striking the right balance between security and seamless experiences was — and continues to be — no easy task. This report will dive into the dramatic transformation that has taken place in the European market, the data behind the shifting fraud trends and the measures retailers can take to gain a much needed competitive advantage to stay ahead of both the shifting European payment regulations and the fraudsters.
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The key reason for this significant disruption to online commerce is due to the performance of EMVCo 3D‑Secure version 2. Although the weighted-average failure rate across Europe has improved for the month of July, this rate remains high. This suggests significant friction at checkout for consumers. Therefore, the issues merchants and consumers are facing in relation to SCA are very much alive.

— CMSPI, July 2021 SCA Economic Impact Assessment