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State of Fraud Report 2021

A New Age of Fraud – A New Age of Commerce Protection

This research report examines the fraud trends that wreaked havoc on ecommerce retailers in 2020 and the way they have shaped the future of commerce. Signifyd’s Risk Intelligence team and ecommerce partners outline which fraud trends we can expect to see an uptick in during the holiday season and how fraud and risk teams are evolving to meet the evolving fraud pressure.


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Key Insights from This Trends Report


Increase in ecommerce fraud
pressure by mid-2021


Increase in bot attacks
during 2020


Increase in consumer abuse in
the first half of 2021

As the world strained against the grip of a global pandemic, the very nature of ecommerce changed ー and with it, so did fraud. In a matter of months, as retailers became better suited at detecting and preventing fraud, persistent fraudsters began evolving. In effect, they seized the disruption of COVID-19 to usher in the golden era of online fraud.

From migrating fraud to more vulnerable links in the payments chain to modernizing classic scams, such as synthetic identities and return fraud, fraudsters flourished in their new methods. Methods, which undoubtedly will be active players over the holidays ー and beyond ー as many ecommerce merchants prepare for their first post-pandemic holiday season.

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What I’ve noticed this year is that the fraud we are seeing has become more complex; particularly with the occurrence of ATO fraud increasing. So many more accounts can and are being compromised across the board and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon, especially during the holidays.”

— Luz Cervantes, Manager of Risk Intelligence, Signifyd