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Boosting ecommerce sales beyond Black Friday

Learn how ecommerce retailers are improving the way they understand seasonal and holiday events and sell in those contexts year-round.

5 Ecommerce Strategies to Boost Sales

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Key findings in the WBR Insights research study


Consider non-traditional holiday eCommerce shopping an important part of their business


Respondents who view non-traditional holidays as important but don’t increase their staff at all


Claim their ecommerce and marketing campaigns are more sophisticated for non-traditional holidays

Retailers invest countless resources to prepare for the traditional holiday shopping season and get the most from shoppers’ inherent intent to spend at this time of year. But non-traditional holidays like Mother’s Day, tax-free holidays, and even ‘Amazon Prime Day’ are reshaping the retail timeline, pushing retailers to change their seasonal strategies.

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Even though this year we saw the largest growth in our Sonos ecommerce sales through the holidays, I found it to be the most stress-free holiday season that we’ve had, in part because of the automation we were able to deliver with Signifyd. It felt like the least stressful holiday season we’ve had in years, even though our growth was higher than it’s ever been.