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Q&A Bot Management in Retail

The impact of bots in retail and insight into what leaders can do to
build an effective bot defense strategy. (7)

Sorry, the report “Q&A Bot Management in Retail” is no longer available. Perhaps you might be interested in this on-demand content from our recent FLOW Summit:

Key findings in the Forrester Research report


Bad bots accounted for 24.1% of all internet traffic in 2019.


59% of retailers have adopted bot management with another 14% planning to within the next year.


Almost 80% of e-commerce firms have been attacked by bad bots in the past two years, according to a survey by Netacea.

Bots are common in retail and can be both useful and harmful for brands. Without proper management, bots can disrupt the customer experience and damage your business beyond a security or fraud attack.

That’s why, as a retail leader, it’s important for you to understand the different ways that bad bots disrupt an organization and undermine the customer experience. Read the Forrester Report to learn the differences and discover available technology solutions to create an effective and proactive bot defense strategy.

Get the report for key insights into:

  • Bots in the retail world and why they matter
  • Business problems bots cause for retailers and brands
  • Security and fraud problems bots cause for retailers
  • Technologies and tools retailers should implement to defend against and combat bots
  • Non-technology bot defense solutions retailers must implement