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Signifyd is #1 in Fraud Detection

In the latest G2 report, Signifyd outranks other fraud detection solutions thanks to high customer satisfaction ratings and accelerated time‑to‑go‑live.


The report includes a side-by-side vendor comparison that highlights the factors which contribute to their overall results score, such as

  • Estimated return on investment
  • Ability to meets requirements
  • User adoption
  • Likelihood to recommend

Key findings


Merchants rank Signifyd #1 in ecommerce fraud detection


Of merchants recommend Signifyd fraud detection compared to the competition


With a 100% liability shift, our customers never pay for another chargeback with Signifyd Guaranteed Fraud Protection.

Signifyd ranks #1 in ecommerce fraud detection in the most recent G2 Results Report for Fraud Detection.

G2’s user satisfaction ratings puts Signifyd well ahead of the pack on a number of criteria thanks to technological excellence, accelerated time-to-market, and overall user satisfaction.

View the report to compare commerce protection products and see how Signifyd ranks against other fraud protection services.
Signifyd is a leader in E-commerce Fraud Protection on G2 Signifyd is a leader in E-commerce Fraud Protection on G2 Signifyd is a leader in Fraud Detection on G2

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Paramount & inestimable partner

Signifyd is a remarkable partner when it comes to fraudulent payments. They check each payment instantaneously: no manual review from our team is needed.

Sofia Giussani

Helped with peace of mind

Signfyd takes the human element out of the fraud process. By fully automating the system, our support agents can focus on improving customer experiences instead of auditing orders.

Joshua Jaros

Quality through and through

Any time we have a need — whether it be an update to our process, a one off situation, or help working with a large card issuer, Signifyd eagerly jumps in to help us achieve our goals and reach our desired outcomes.

Brianna Burwell