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Frost & Sullivan names Signifyd leader in ecommerce fraud prevention in
2022 radar report

In the latest report, Signifyd was named market leader thanks to
growth performance, merchant adoption, and strategic vision.


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Key findings in the Frost & Sullivan report


The U.S. ecommerce market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% annually in the 2021-2025 time period.


Merchants that haven’t made the necessary investments in advanced fraud prevention solutions can lose up to 20% of revenues annually.


Ecommerce revenues in the U.S. grew by over 25% annually in 2020 to approximately $650 billion.

A surge in online commerce has accelerated merchants’ plans to digitally transform their businesses, but any digital commerce strategy is bound to fail if not supported by next-generation fraud prevention implementations.

In their latest report, Frost & Sullivan deeply analyze the ecommerce fraud prevention market and once again name Signifyd the market leader. Read more to understand the solution criteria that should be a necessity for any merchant and the product capabilities that set Signifyd apart from the pack.

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  • How Signifyd has distinguished itself from the competition by delivering full explainability and control to merchants
  • How Frost & Sullivan assesses the key fraud challenges in protecting the entire customer journey
  • Why Frost & Sullivan concluded that Signifyd is the market leader in fraud prevention

“Unless merchants invest in solutions that deliver real-time, guaranteed fraud decisions for every e-commerce transaction and enable fraud protection at each touchpoint along the customer journey, it will become extremely difficult for them to effectively prevent potential fraud.

Signifyd offers an excellent combination of platform control, transparency, extensibility, and time-to-value benefits.”