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2021 Guidebook To Retail Fraud Prevention

How Retailers Are Integrating Lessons from 2020 to Meet a New Generation of Threats

Omnichannel fraud

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Key findings in the 2021 Guidebook To Retail Fraud Prevention


Of respondents noticed an increase in fraud attempts occurring within their in-store sales channels since the start of 2020.


Of respondents believe consumer abuse (also known as “friendly fraud”) has become a bigger threat to their businesses.


Of respondents believe effective fraud prevention allows their business to open their purchase funnel to a bigger and broader set of consumers.

During times of rapid change, retail fraud is always a threat. Many fraudsters took advantage of the disruptive aspects of COVID-19 to defraud both consumers and retailers out of millions of dollars of merchandise and revenue. Phishing scams, gift card scams, discount scams, hacking, and other types of fraud were prevalent throughout 2020 and continue in 2021.

This report will explore what steps retailers have taken to prevent fraud in the past, how they will incorporate fraud prevention into their customer experience and revenue strategies in the future, and what types of solutions they’ll need to stay ahead of fraudsters in the years to come.

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  • Survey results from respondents at large retail organizations
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