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What Consumers Are Really Thinking About Holiday 2020

Signifyd’s U.S. Q4 Consumer Sentiment Survey

COVID-19 has turned holiday 2020 upside down. Consumers say they will spend less this year, avoid shopping in stores and turn to alternatives like curbside pickup to gather the gifts they’ll give. And it’s likely they will bend and break the rules like never before to get free and discounted products that they are not entitled to.


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What’s in this report:

We surveyed 1,500 U.S. online consumers to find out how seven months of living with a pandemic has changed the way they think about spending, holiday shopping and their relationships with the retailers they patronize. Find out what consumers really think.

Here’s what you’ll get in this report:

19 Charts
Revealing consumers transformed thinking on retail and holiday shopping.

15 Tips
On how to adjust commerce operations and strategies to accommodate a new way of consumer thinking.

Download “What Consumers Are Really Thinking About Holiday 2020” to explore:

  • Comprehensive survey results and the context surrounding the numbers
  • The reasons consumers will shop in stores despite the pandemic
  • Which shopping and fulfillment channels are likely to take the place of in-store shopping
  • Where online retailers need to be the most vigilant when it comes to consumer abuse