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Risk & Reward

The Jewelry Industry’s
Digital Transformation

Jewelry and luxury watch sellers have historically held fast to tradition and been slow to embrace online sales. That is changing. With brands in the industry looking to sell directly to consumers and with the emergence of millennials as new — and different — jewelry customers, retailers are consolidating and online is growing rapidly. Signifyd has taken a deep dive into the industry to help jewelry merchants see where they stand and where their industry is going.

  • Dominant trends that are shaping
    the jewelry vertical
  • Key challenges facing jewelry merchants
  • Fraud trends in the jewelry sector
  • A look at the future of jewelry

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Risk & Reward: The Jewelry Industry's Digital Transformation

Key Findings

Year-over-year increase in jewelry stores going out of business
Increase in online fine jewelry sales between 2014 and 2020
Rise in diamond purchases by single women between
2013 to 2016