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Secrets from ecommerce’s most influential revealed

Five of the most influential leaders in ecommerce unmask their best industry secrets, the innovative tactics they’ve deployed and how they’ve built sustainable strategies for some of the world’s most notable brands.


In this e-book, ecommerce leaders:

  • Debunk the biggest misconceptions about retail
  • Share how they got to where they are today
  • Reveal the biggest risks they’ve taken in their career
  • Offer expert advice on how to win against the competition

In an industry that evolves at a record pace, ecommerce
calls for pioneers who can uncover trends and pivot quickly.

Signifyd has compiled insights from 5 of the most influential leaders in ecommerce to help innovators stay ahead of the curve and rapidly implement strategic and operational changes to protect and scale their business.

In the e-book, leaders go deep
and offer their advice on:

Analysis is important — storytelling is key

Deniz Ertan

VP Senior Director of Risk Management

Lean in to adversity to find opportunity and develop empathy

Balaji Nambi

Group Vice President, Digital CX and eCommerce Tech

Back to the basics — the magic of authentic connections

Shelby Vignes

Director of Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention

Communication will set
you free

Anis Tayebali

Vice President Engineering

It’s all about the experience — all of the experience

Sofia Giussani

Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce