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Searching for Customer Love in the Era of Direct-to-Consumer

7 Ecommerce Strategies for Apparel, Accessories and Footwear Retailers

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Key Findings in the Direct-to-Consumer E-book for the Apparel, Accessories and Footwear Segment


Consumers are willing to pay more for great customer experience


Of apparel, accessories and footwear merchants are losing their orders


Of consumers deem apparel, accessories and footwear to be the item they are most likely to return

Direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) companies have upended the apparel industry. With the rise of ecommerce, brands have gained significant market share by manufacturing, selling and shipping clothes, footwear and accessories directly to consumers. 

No need for stores or other intermediaries who get in between the brand and its customers. These digitally native brands emphasize quality, innovation and personalization as they use social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to reach their customers directly. In response to the threat from D-to-C companies, traditional apparel companies have had to get creative and grabby — stealing some moves from the D-to-C playbook.

This e-book covers seven things apparel retailers are doing to build market share and get ahead of the competition.

Key insights of what the audience will find in the e-book/report

  • Seven things apparel retailers are doing to get ahead of the competition
  • How and where apparel, accessories and footwear merchants lost their orders
  • Insights on creating a good customer experience

Fraudsters know you are looking for specific behaviors and what they do is increasingly resemble legitimate clients, therefore, if you only know what a shopper does within your business you are missing a part of the movie. And to see the full movie, machine learning tools and agile providers like Signifyd, and, above all, a great team constantly monitoring this data is key.

— Carlos Madrona
Head of Online Fraud