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Searching for Customer Love in the Era of Direct-to-Consumer

A DTC Ecommerce Guide for Electronics and Computers Retailers


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Key Findings in the D2C E-book for the Electronics and Computers Segment


Year-over-year growth in the U.S. consumer tech market


Electronics sales were up over the last week of February 2019, just before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.


Orders in the electronics segment placed are lost along the buying journey.

Direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) companies have upended the apparel industry. With the rise of ecommerce, brands have gained significant market share by manufacturing, selling and shipping clothes, footwear and accessories directly to consumers. 

No need for stores or other intermediaries who get in between the brand and its customers. These digitally native brands emphasize quality, innovation and personalization as they use social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to reach their customers directly. In response to the threat from D-to-C companies, traditional apparel companies have had to get creative and grabby — stealing some moves from the D-to-C playbook.

This e-book covers seven things apparel retailers are doing to build market share and get ahead of the competition.

Key insights of what the audience will find in the e-book/report

  • How the pandemic has affected electronics sales
  • Key findings in previous practises in electronics sales
  • Why businesses should ramp up their D2C strategies

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