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Searching for Customer Love in the Era of Direct-to-Consumer

A D2C Ecommerce Guide for Housewares, Garden and Furnishings Retailers


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Key Findings in the D2C E-book for the Housewares, Garden and Furnishings Segment


Total sales in the houseware, garden and furnishing, up from 11% the year before in 2015.


Of orders in the Housewares, Garden and Furnishings vertical are declined in the authorization and fraud-review stages


Of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences

The direct-to-consumer model is disrupting retail throughout every vertical. The buzzy business model has inspired some enterprises that border on pop culture icons — Warby Parker, Away, Casper and on and on. 

These BusinessWeek cover candidates have unlocked the secret to building a fan base, rather than a customer base. The question remains, as many of them open variations of brick-and-mortar stores: Is the model sustainable? 

This e-book will look at how the direct-to-consumer movement is disrupting the Housewares, Garden and Furnishings category, while also exploring the opportunities the new way of selling provides for newcomers and legacy brands alike.

Key insights of what the audience will find in the e-book/report

  • What D2C business growth entails for the houseware, garden and furnishings sector
  • Why D2C will benefit your business
  • What D2C challenges to avoid

Our customer experience has improved significantly, it's absolutely made a difference. It's helped us get more business and online approvals. I don't think we've had one fraud case since we started with Signifyd.”

— Scott Perry, Senior Vice President of Digital IT and Omnichanel, Jerome’s furniture