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Retail 2020:

How Retailers Can Rekindle Customer Love and Avoid Customer Abuse

Consumers are not ashamed or sheepish. They return products with abandon. They approach retailers with the attitude of, “Hey, you make the rules. We just figure out how to bend them.” Return fraud costs retailers billions of dollars a year. Now, a Signifyd survey performed by market research firm Survata found that a significant number of consumers feel entitled to take advantage of retailers’ return policies.


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What’s in this report:

We surveyed 2,010 online shoppers during the first quarter of the year, asking them about their expectations from retailers, their reaction to data breaches and fraud, and their approach to dealing with retailers when things go wrong. The result is Signifyd’s 2020 Consumer Sentiment Survey.

Here’s what you’ll get in this report:

16 charts
Reliable data in simple displays for presentations and quick decision making.

6 practical tips
To rekindle customer love, build CLTV and avoid consumer abuse.

Download Retail 2020 to explore:

  • The full survey results and the context surrounding the numbers
  • How return policies influence consumers’ buying decisions
  • How fraudulent charges on consumers’ accounts affect their relationship with retailers
  • Why some consumers feel entitled to make false claims in order to game the system