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Minimising the Disruption: Merchant's Guide to Simplifying SCA

Signifyd explains everything you need to know about SCA, how will it impact your ecommerce business, and how to prevent future fraud. Download the ebook.

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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for ecommerce will be enforced from March 2022 in the UK under Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). At this point, fraud liability will be shifted to the issuing bank, requiring customers to be verified through two-factor authentication, securing the legitimacy of their identity.

While the regulation aims to make online transactions more secure, consumers are facing additional touchpoints and friction at checkout. Consequently, merchants may experience increasing transaction declines, cart abandonment, and customer dissatisfaction.

SCA must be addressed. Signifyd's handbook to SCA enforcement, exemption, and fraud prevention will guide proactive merchants towards PSD2 compliance. In this directory, topics including the scope of SCA, exempt payments, the impact of SCA, and secure fraud and abuse prevention strategies will be explored. Learn how Signifyd can help merchants stay competitive as we enter this new age of ecommerce.

Key insights of what you will find in the whitepaper:

  • The lessons UK retailers can learn from the impact of SCA enforcement in the EU
  • How to harness SCA Exemptions & Out of scope transactions to create a refined checkout experience
  • Solutions for a seamless SCA strategy to improve your ecommerce, from 3DS2 to delegated authentication

Partnering with Signifyd made perfect sense. The ROI of chargeback elimination, reduced operational costs, and overall revenue lift more than outweighed the upfront cost. And most importantly, we could go back to operating at the rapid rate needed to stay competitive across the globe.