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The Mystery of Who Killed Mr. Profits

Isn't it time you got to the bottom of who is killing profits on your ecommerce site? Join Signifyd, Magento and other industry leaders in trying to crack the case of who killed Mr. Profits. The e-book we produced with Magento is a fun but practical way to identify where your business is leaking revenue and what you can do to plug those leaks.


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This quick guide shares insights, metrics and real-world case studies from companies that took on common problems in revenue leakage and lived to tell about their successes, including how:

  • Keeping ecommerce chargeback rate low and efficiently managing orders to maximize online conversion
  • Avoiding tax non-compliance, which can cost ecommerce businesses 10% in fees & even jail time, to reduce operational costs
  • Synching inventory across shopping experiences like online, in-store, and apps for omnichannel success.

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