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The Impact of SCA in Europe: Navigating a Frictionless Checkout Experience – The UK Perspective

The enforcement of Strong Customer Authentication in Europe caused friction in the customer journey. In return, online shoppers would abandon their transactions, leading to lost revenue for merchants.


This e-book provides you with an in-depth understanding of customers’ concerns and expectations in regards to SCA and a guide to facilitating a seamless checkout experience.

The new SCA regulations are introduced with the aim of enhancing online payments security as a response to rising fraud attacks.

But there is another side of the story — SCA creates more friction in the customer journey, causing disruptions in the payment ecosystem. As a result, customers are experiencing confusion and frustration with SCA, causing them to abandon their carts and turn to other retailers.

This is detrimental for merchants’ revenue. Based on a Signifyd survey of 2,000 consumers in the UK, France and Italy commissioned by OnePoll, this e-book provides an in depth understanding of customers’ stance on SCA and how merchants can navigate its complexities to create a seamless SCA experience.

In this e-book get key insights into:

  • Customers’ awareness of SCA
  • Customers’ attitudes towards fraud protection
  • The journey of friction in the checkout process
  • The impact of friction on merchants’ revenue
  • Making use of SCA exemptions to optimise authorisation flow
  • Developing a robust SCA strategy