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Defend customer accounts, inspire customer loyalty

Get customers to checkout faster and eliminate losses with account takeover protection.


Defend customer accounts, inspire customer loyalty

Get customers to checkout faster and eliminate losses with account takeover protection.

Customer accounts are a major driver of loyalty and retention — but valuable consumer data and rewards has made them a key target for fraudsters as well

By leveraging automated bots and stolen credentials, fraudsters can easily launch large scale account takeover (ATO) attacks across thousands of merchants. And because many of the attributes of an ATO transaction appear to be from the cardholder themselves, it is incredibly difficult to detect.

Secure the login-to-checkout experience with Account Protection

Defend brand integrity

Challenge suspicious login attempts to mitigate brand-damaging account takeovers.

Reduce friction at login

Recognize good customers instantly and get them to checkout faster with a streamlined login experience.

Eliminate ATO losses

With every approved order backed by a 100% financial guarantee, you’ll never pay another ATO chargeback again.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“Fraudsters know you are looking for specific behaviors and what they do is increasingly resemble legitimate clients. If you only know what a shopper does within your business you are missing a part of the movie. And to see the full movie, machine learning tools and agile providers like Signifyd constantly monitoring this data is key.”

— Carlos Madrona
, Managing Payments Method and
Fraud Director


How it works

It all starts with the world’s largest commerce network

With insight into the consumer behavior across thousands of global merchants, Signifyd monitors ATO trends across our network to safeguard merchants from emerging attacks.

More enterprise merchants choose Signifyd than any other provider.

Network data is combined with behavior and device data to get the bigger picture

Throughout the login to checkout process, Signifyd collects valuable device and behavior datapoints such as device ID, IP address, speed of checkout, time of day, successive purchase patterns and order value, and compares this data to the consumer’s digital footprint across the network to detect anomalies.

ATO attempts are blocked instantly, and loyal customers stay loyal

By analyzing how a transaction moves from login to checkout, Signifyd can accurately distinguish between a fraudster and the true account holder, blocking the transaction before the purchase can be completed.

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Put customer experience at the forefront of account takeover protection

Overly restrictive login barriers fail to see the bigger picture. Signifyd monitors a transaction across the login to checkout journey, to more accurately assess fraud risk so that you don’t throw out the good with the bad.

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