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Elevate your game with real‑time commerce protection

Rewrite your playbook and protect your business against fraud and abuse.

Competing against fraudsters is no easy win

Traditional fraud solutions
can’t compete

Fraud pressure is rapidly increasing, with today’s fraudsters empowered by technologies like generative AI. Without insight into fraud patterns across ecommerce, merchants who leverage traditional rules-based systems struggle to keep up with evolving fraud tactics.

Scaling manual review is
a lose‑lose game

Scaling manual review in response to rising fraud pressure is costly, requiring additional headcount and leading to increased operational delays, frustrated customers and order cancellations.

CX and risk management
is a balancing act

Earning customer loyalty requires streamlined fulfillment, easy returns and timely promotions. However, these experiences are inherently risky and can become easy targets for fraud and abuse.

Omnichannel requires
quick game‑time decisions

BOPIS remains a popular fulfillment channel, but comes with an elevated risk of fraud. Obscured shipping addresses, quick fulfillment SLAs and variability in pickup location create the perfect cover for fraudsters to run scams undetected.

Signifyd’s Commerce Network accurately identifies 98% of transactions, giving merchants the confidence to efficiently process legitimate customers and hinder fraudulent activity. Through Signifyd’s instant decisions, retailers can enhance conversions and automate orders, risk‑free.

With Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, leisure and sporting goods merchants see a:

Increase in order
Reduction in
chargeback losses

How it works

Provide a seamless login experience for legitimate shoppers

Signifyd’s vast Commerce Network uses transactional and behavioral data to instantly detect the true identity behind login activity.

This gives merchants the confidence to streamline genuine shoppers while creating friction-heavy authentication steps for fraudsters at login.

Eliminate manual review with instant order decisions

Signifyd leverages identity and intent intelligence from the Signifyd Commerce Network to make instant decisions on whether to approve or decline incoming orders.

Signifyd can detect various patterns of fraudulent activity, including challenging cases of in-store pickup fraud, by analyzing orders against a large database of variables.

Automate fulfillment risk‑free

On any chargeback claim that was Signifyd approved, merchants will be reimbursed within 48 hours, including the cost of shipping and other fees.

This gives you the confidence to automate fulfillment based on Signifyd’s decisions knowing you’ll pay $0 in fraud losses.

Gain a competitive advantage by providing seamless experiences

By automating orders and minimizing false declines, consumers can have smooth and efficient shopping experiences. This leads to shoppers leaving the site with a positive experience, eager to come back for more.

Where challenges fuel triumphs, leisure and sporting goods retailers excel with Signifyd’s commerce protection

“With our previous solution, it was on us to make decisions based on the limited amount of data that we had across our business. But with Signifyd, we suddenly had visibility into customer behavior and fraud trends across thousands of global merchants.”