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Merchant Networking Meet Up

Signifyd FLOW is a growing community of passionate ecommerce professionals who gather for thoughtful conversations about the challenges and potential of retail in the digital age. Thoughtful, yes, but we also know how to have fun and share a good meal.


Network with your local ecommerce peers — the people who understand your work life because they live it. Looking for growth strategies? Chargebacks got you down? Explore solutions tailored for 2019.


Give as good as you get. Share what you know. Learn from others during a fireside chat and while mingling over drinks or gathering for dinner. No spreadsheets. No PowerPoints.


This is a place to connect with mentors and mentees for life. Unvarnished knowledge without the constraints of cubicles, limited only by the boundaries of your imagination.


New York City Recap

Dean Bowerman, vice president of digital marketing and ecommerce at Rite Aid, inspired attendees with his nine pillars of successful ecommerce at the View of the World Terrace Club high above Manhattan.


Los Angeles Recap

Anthony Milano, Boardriders’ vice president of ecommerce for the Americas, offered an advanced class on omnichannel retail and navigating a career in the industry as part of a roof-top event overlooking downtown lights.

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FLOW San Francisco

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FLOW San Diego

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Impressions from FLOW

“Ecommerce, for all of its convenience, often lacks emotional resonance and the joy of discovery in the buying experience. That’s a hard moment to create but essential for success online, particularly for luxury products. That is the experience TrueFacet has captured.”

Indy Guha, VP of Growth Marketing, Signifyd

“They are brands that stand for something. They’re standing for a message. Whatever it is, it’s touching people’s heartstrings and really getting them involved emotionally. And then I think they’re creating the audience, getting the following and then they are commercializing off of that in a more authentic way.”

Anthony Milano, VP of Ecommerce, Boardriders

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