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Merchant networking meetup

Signifyd FLOW is a growing community of passionate ecommerce professionals who gather for thoughtful conversations about the challenges and future of retail in the digital age. It is a unique opportunity to gather thought leaders, customers, executives and partners together to align ideas, thoughts and best practices. It’s a way to find answers, share solutions and connect with retail leaders around the world.

Network with your local ecommerce peers — the people who understand your work life because they live it. Looking for innovative growth strategies? Looking for ways to generate additional revenue? Explore solutions tailored to driving change.

Think outside the box and be rewarded and challenged throughout your journey. Learn from others over a fireside chat, exchange ideas over drinks and share unique perspectives over dinner.

Join an inclusive and innovative community designed to create an authentic and creative space for ecommerce leaders across the globe.

“I enjoyed the exchange of creative ideas in a stunning spot away from work and with people who are clearly passionate about ecommerce. The conversation was engaging, the insights were invaluable and the evening was memorable. Sign me up for the next FLOW.”

Susie Wang
Founder and Chief Creative Ambassador
100% Pure/Purity Cosmetics

FLOW highlights


What it takes to keep customers faithful

Brendan Witcher, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, has seen it all when it comes to customer experience — the good and the not-so-good. Brendan shares impactful insights on today’s customers and how to stay ahead.

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Data is the key to customer experience

Data and personalization is top of mind for many merchants. Learn how you can build a better brand and brand experience using analytics and the data you already have at your fingertips.

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NFTs build customer community

Edwin Chong, vice president, ecommerce and digital marketing, at hair products and styling brand IGK, shares his tips for using NFTs to build a brand following. Learn how NFTs can attract customers and ease customer acquisition costs.

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Online payments are having their innovation moment

Nicole Jass, of payments leader FIS, Samsung Chief Digital Officer Kal Raman and Signifyd CEO Raj Ramanand discuss the now and near-future of payments. Online payments promises to be the next big thing in ecommerce innovation, as industry players seek to differentiate themselves and merchants and consumers demand new and more ways to pay for what they buy.

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Samsung ecommerce leader shares a vision for a post-COVID-19 world in the latest virtual FLOW happy hour

Kumar N. Senthil has seen a lot, having worked on key projects for Microsoft, Groupon and now Samsung as global head of products, Ecommerce. Senthil highlights opportunities and challenges during a stay-at-home fireside chat.

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TUMI’s ecommerce executive finds just-in-time answers for the ecommerce world

Listen to Meg Bedford tell her story and you’ll soon realize that she creates the right time by driving some of the world’s best-known brands in the right direction when it counts most.

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Interested in networking, building your brand, sharing your success story? Join the FLOW community as a thought leader and speak at our next gathering.

The FLOW community provides multiple ways for you to connect with others across the globe and gives you an opportunity to enhance your brand as a thought leader.

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Hear from the FLOW community

I’m always looking for a chance to share insights with fellow ecommerce leaders and hear about professional journeys, like the one Hims’ Jack Abraham shared at FLOW in San Francisco. FLOW provided a beautiful setting for an intimate evening of networking and learning. I can’t wait for my next chance to attend.

Jamie Ceccato
risk team lead

I thought it was really incredible. Overall the quality of everything was fantastic. You had interesting panels, the product was interesting to learn what you do and how you do it, how that partner program was structured. The brands and agencies here, everyone is so talented and of that highest quality standard. It was fantastically branded. It was very very impressive and blown away by the overall quality of it.

Gabrielle San Nicola
Partner Manager

First off, it’s great to be back after Covid, being in person rubbing shoulders with people. There’s a lot of stuff I heard today that I will definitely take back. The biggest thing for me though is the “Return on Shopping Cart” session. I’m going to take that back to see how I can tweak that to turn into conversions.

Jacob Graf
Director of Engineering
Natures Sleep

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