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Signifyd, Everything You Need and an Amazing Pay Structure

Signifyd has helped us prevent tens (perhaps even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in fraud. We’re in an industry that isn’t targeted by fraud very often, and even with that they’ve saved us incredible amounts of revenue and product that would have otherwise been lost. Their guarantee means when we’re pressed for time, we can guarantee an order and not have to spend a second worrying if it was fraud. When we’re not pressed for time, Signifyd gives us all the information needed to make a manual review decision, and that information doesn’t cost us anything. Simply the best payment model in the industry, hands down.

Adam Altop
Fraud Prevention / Inside Sales
United States

Signifyd is hands down the best anti-fraud solution out there

Maximizing approval rates, while minimizing chargebacks. It helps keep our reputation as an online retailer high, while improving our bottom line.

Felipe Alonso
Ecommerce Director
Costa Rica

Well worth the expense! The smartest decision we made in 2022

Fraud. We literally don’t have to deal with fraud anymore. We used to spend 2-3 hours every day reviewing orders, doing background checks, etc. Signifyd has eliminated that for us! Since launching Signifyd on our site, we’ve learned that we were rejecting many good orders.

Jon Morgan
System Administrator
United States

Signifyd is absolutely necessary for high-volume stores and marketplaces

Chargeback Recovery alone saved us 2.5 FTE and endless headaches. If a business is growing, it should anticipate chargebacks and fraud to develop right in line with that and implement Signifyd before the problem becomes overwhelming. Fraud prevention teams have enough on their plates without having to contest chargeback fraud manually. Signifyd frees them up to focus on risk analysis and mitigation.

Aimee Valle
Director - Buyer Experience
United States

This App is AMAZING. IT has helped our chargebacks lower by 50% I will recommend this to all

Decreasing our chargebacks has been the best

Toxic Envy Boutique
Marketing Manager
United States