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    Signifyd’s pricing model depends on the specific products purchased and ranges from flat fee to transaction-based pricing to percentage-of-GMV pricing. Our pricing model always allows for a positive economic impact for merchants, regardless of configuration.

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    A paramount and inestimable partner

    They manage all the anti-fraud checks; we do not have to manually review orders. They also help us with their abuse return product: thanks to them, we are now able to track customers who abuse our return policy and eventually block them.

    Sofia Giussani

    Helped with peace of mind

    Signifyd helped eliminate the need for some of our customer support agents to be auditing incoming orders thus freeing them up to help other customers. Signifyd’s chargeback fighting team as well as their fraud reimbursements have helped us mitigate losses as well.

    Joshua Jaros
    Customer Experience Supervisor, NZXT

    Quality through and through

    We are using Signifyd to help us with Fraud detection and prevention. We utilize their scoring in combination with our internal decisioning to make FAST decisions on orders and release as many as possible.

    Brianna Burwell

    Signifyd is the #1 commerce protection platform to the top 1000 e‑retailers

    A comprehensive assessment by industry analysts DigitalCommerce360 found Signifyd to be the top choice for enterprise ecommerce retailers, with 6x the number of global 1000 retailers leveraging Signifyd’s Commerce Protection than other leading vendors.

    Signifyd is the 1 commerce protection platform to the top 1000 e-retailers

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