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Next‑gen commerce protection for next‑gen electronics

Cutting edge electronics require protection to match.

Everyone wants to get their hands on the latest and greatest in electronics

Constant demand

Despite the ebbs and flows of the global economy, consumer demand for electronics is unwavering.

High AOV

With new models and upgrades rolling out on a consistent basis, consumers have a habit of splurging on the latest gadgets.

Increasing fraud & 
abuse pressure

Expensive, popular and carrying a promising resale value, electronics are an attractive target for bad actors.

Risk management
& CX at odds

Trusting shoppers with fast fulfillment, timely promotions and flexible returns is the key to securing customer loyalty. Knowing who to trust is the hard part.

Signifyd’s predictive models address fraud challenges at key conversion points across the customer journey, allowing electronics retailers to trust good shoppers with streamlined fulfillment, differentiated promotions and loyalty perks and flexible return policies risk‑free.

With Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, electronics retailers see a:

Increase in
order approvals
Reduction in
chargebacks losses
Decision automation

How it works

Provide a friction-free login experience

With insight into the consumer behavior across thousands of global merchants, Signifyd can detect malicious login attempts with precision.

This allows you to trust your good customers – even those logging in from a new device or location – and streamline them to checkout without friction‑heavy authentication step‑ups.

Eliminate manual review with instant order decisions

Signifyd contextualizes incoming orders with identity and intent intelligence from the Signifyd Commerce Network to accurately deliver accept or reject decisions in real-time.

Signifyd has a shopper identification of 98%, allowing you to recognize good shoppers from bad with precision – even as you enter new markets and encounter novel consumer profiles and fraud patterns.

Safeguard promotions from abusive  shoppers

Promotions are a powerful way to reel in new shoppers and incentivize loyal customers. They are also a prime target of abuse.

Layer custom policy protection atop of Signifyd’s real-time order decisions to block orders that violate your promotion policies, ensuring only good customers reap the rewards of your promotions.

Automate curbside and delivery fulfillment risk‑free

If a chargeback occurs on an order we approve, you’ll be reimbursed within 48 hours, including shipping and other fees.

This gives you the confidence to automate fulfillment based on Signifyd’s decisions knowing you’ll pay $0 in fraud losses.

Trust your best customers with flexible returns and refunds

Signifyd analyzes a shopper’s history of returns across ecommerce to assign a risk score to every return and refund request.

We give your team recommendations on whether and how to proceed, based on policies you set. Customize returns based on the returner – for example, offering instant refunds for VIP customers, redirecting abusive shoppers to in-store returns and blocking fraudulent returns outright.

Consumer electronics retailers upgrade to Signifyd
for high‑speed, seamless protection

“With Signifyd, we have not had to grow our team even though fraud has been going up each year for us across our multiple companies. The people that have had to oversee it and manage it have been exactly the same. That’s a huge win for us from both a cost saving and efficiency perspective.”



The State of Electronics

Trends are pointing in the right direction for those able to keep gadget-enthusiasts loyal.

By analyzing online purchases in the electronics market, The State of Electronics explores the merchant-customer relationship – identifying where loyalties lie in 2023.

How do you stack up against the rest of the electronics industry?

Contact us for a personalized funnel assessment and benchmark analysis.