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Grocery ecommerce

Commerce protection for smooth‑as‑butter digital grocery experiences

Grocery shopping has changed forever.
The way you protect your business should too.

E-grocery is a different game than traditional grocery retail –
with new rules and distinct challenges


From other grocery retailers, to national drugstore chains, to food delivery app marketplaces and meal kit providers, grocers are fending off competitors from every direction.

customer loyalty

With shoppers able to compare promotions, product availability and delivery and pickup options across multiple retailers with ease, brand loyalty is diminishing in e‑grocery.

Rising consumer expectations

It’s a race to the bottom for pickup and delivery SLAs, with ecommerce giants setting consumer expectations higher and higher. Delays, friction and errors are not tolerated.

Increasing fraud &
abuse pressure

The combination of competitive pressures, rising consumer expectations and eroding loyalty has created the perfect storm for fraud and abuse.

Don’t let fear of fraud hold you back from providing a loyalty-driving customer experience. Signifyd addresses fraud challenges at key conversion points across the customer journey, allowing you to delight your good customers with quick and accurate pick up and deliveries, differentiated loyalty perks and flexible return policies risk-free.

With Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, grocers see:

Reduction in order
fulfillment time
Increase in
order approvals
Reduction in
Increase in
repeat customers

How it works

Provide a friction‑free login experience

With insight into the consumer behavior across thousands of global merchants, Signifyd can detect malicious login attempts with precision.

This allows you to trust your good customers – even those logging in from a new device or location – and streamline them to checkout without friction-heavy authentication step-ups.

Eliminate manual review with instant order decisions

Signifyd contextualizes incoming orders with identity and intent intelligence from the Signifyd Commerce Network to accurately deliver accept or reject decisions in real‑time.

Because orders are analyzed against a library of over 10,000 variables, Signifyd recognizes patterns that map back to fraudulent activity seen across the network including harder-to-detect instances of BOPIS and curbside pickup fraud.

Safeguard promotions from abusive shoppers

Promotions are a powerful way to reel in new shoppers and incentivize loyal customers. They are also a prime target of abuse.

Layer custom policy protection atop of Signifyd’s real‑time order decisions to block orders that violate your promotion policies, ensuring only good customers reap the rewards of your promotions.

Automate curbside and delivery fulfillment risk‑free

If a chargeback occurs on an order we approve, you’ll be reimbursed within 48 hours, including shipping and other fees.

This give you the confidence to automate fulfillment based on Signifyd’s decisions knowing you’ll pay $0 in fraud losses – even for high risk orders like BOPIS and curbside.

Trust your best customers with flexible returns and refunds

Signifyd analyzes a shopper’s history of returns across ecommerce to assign a risk score to every return and refund request.

We give your team recommendations on whether and how to proceed, based on policies you set. Customize returns based on the returner and the items – allowing good customers to keep perishable goods, offering free and flexible returns for CPG goods and high value items, refunding serial abusers with store credits and blocking fraudulent return requests outright.

2 of the top 4
global grocers
trust Signifyd for omnichannel grocery protection

“The significant amount of savings we have had using Signifyd is outstanding. That money can be reinvested for growth and new technologies which is exactly what we have done.”



The State of Customer Loyalty in Grocery

While the pandemic brought grocery shoppers online out of safety and necessity, 90% of customers are expected to continue shopping for groceries online and only 7% will return solely to in‑store shopping.

Yet, ecommerce penetration still remains relatively low for the grocery category. As new shoppers flock to e‑grocery, retailers have unprecedented opportunity to compete for customer loyalty.

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