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About Signifyd

We help retailers deliver friction-free buying experiences without the fear of fraud

About Signifyd

We help retailers deliver friction-free buying experiences without the fear of fraud

Our mission is to make commerce safer for online retailers

Since their days at PayPal and FedEx more than a decade ago, Signifyd’s founders knew something wasn’t right about the way online retailers were on the hook for fraud.

Fraud protection at the time was a world of cryptic scores that humans puzzled over before deciding whether an order should be shipped or cancelled as fraudulent. A wrong answer meant either losing out to fraudsters or withholding orders from legitimate customers.

There had to be a better way — a way that relied on big data, machine learning and domain expertise to offer a yes-or-no decision on an order in milliseconds.

And so, Signifyd was born.

We backed the idea and the technology with a 100 percent financial guarantee on any approved order that later turned out to be fraudulent. Signifyd's Commerce Protection Platform now protects the largest network of merchants globally.


Knowledgeable, ambitious, action-oriented and determined to build a business that helps our customers grow.

Board Members & Observers

Experienced, knowledgeable, innovative and ready to inspire ambitious teams to create enduring impact.

Investors & Advisors

Insightful, experienced, future-focused and dedicated to connecting with innovative leaders to fuel their success.

10,000+ Online Stores Protected.
100+ Countries Served.

For the first time, online retailers can receive a decision backed by a 100% financial guarantee against fraud. We focus on making commerce safer for online retailers, so that they can focus on what they do best: growing their business without the fear of online retail fraud.

We Embody Our Values

Curious and Hungry

Stay a lifelong learner with a bias for action. It's always Day 1.


Be a pioneer and never give up. Creating something new is hard work.

Customer Compassion

Empathize with your customers and solve their problems. We exist to help them succeed.

Design for Scale

Build solutions to scale and last. We are here to stay.


Be aware, nimble and adapt quickly. Everything changes.

Roll up your Sleeves

Be helpful, humble, learn from everyone and have fun. No one succeeds alone.

“There are a lot of opportunities within the company for talented people who are willing to take on a challenge. Most people find this exhilarating and these are the type of people we want to be part of the team.”

Janice M., Director, Claims and Chargeback Management

“I get to work with household names and exciting, emerging brands in industries as diverse as fashion, beauty, music, gaming, interior design, sportswear and beyond. At the moment we’re expanding heavily into the European market and as a Customer Success colleague based in EMEA, I like to think I’m playing a significant role in that expansion.”

Cat M., Customer Success Analyst II

Catherine Martin

“Signifyd is a great place to be a data scientist. I've really appreciated the supportive team, and spirit of collective endeavour and exploration. There's a great culture of open discussion and evaluation of new methods, proposals and competing priorities. Away from data science, the Belfast office has the best benefits of any company I've worked for, including lunches, lots of snacks and monthly socials.”

Robert K., Data Scientist

Robert King, Data Scientist

“It feels good to be part of a company that cares about customer happiness and adapts to become better every day — this thoughtfulness and intelligence extends through the entire company, from San Jose to New York to Belfast. Ecommerce is the way of the future, and with Signifyd, you’ll be integral in the success of some of the biggest names in the game.”

Isabel M., Enterprise Account Executive

Isabel Michell, Enterprise Account Executive