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HOME GOODS ecommerce

Secure your business and lock out fraudsters

Bring comfort home with end-to-end commerce protection.

Fraud and abuse challenges unfold for home goods merchants

Scaling operations while
combating fraud pressure

As sales increase, so too does fraud. Merchants are overextended and fraudsters are opportunistic – using the scaling traffic as a cover for their nefarious activities.

The CX vs
risk equation

Consumers expect faster shipping, diverse payment options and flexible returns – VIP experiences that expose merchants to increased risk. Manual review increases as a result, detracting from the very experiences retailers aim to protect.

Return abuse spikes
with generous policies

To avoid the reverse logistics nightmare of home goods returns, many retailers have a “donate or discard” return policy. Yet, these lenient policies are just as costly, with dishonest shoppers requesting illegitimate returns to furnish their homes for free.

Rising BNPL payment
options become risky

BNPL payments allow shoppers to purchase big ticket items like furniture & home goods without breaking the bank. Bad actors find this flexibility advantageous too – running scams with more ease and less investment upfront.

With 98% of transactions identified automatically, Signifyd’s vast Commerce Network provides customers with the confidence they need to streamline genuine customers while creating friction for fraudsters. Signifyd’s instant decisions allow retailers to increase conversions and automate all orders, risk-free. 

With Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, home goods merchants see a:

Increase in order
Reduction in
chargeback losses

How it works

Provide a smooth login experience

With insights into thousands of data points, Signifyd’s vast Commerce Network instantly identifies good vs malicious login attempts for retailers, including logins from new locations and devices. 

This gives merchants the confidence to streamline genuine shoppers while creating friction-heavy authentication steps for fraudsters at login.

Receive instant decisions on orders with zero manual review

Signifyd utilizes identity and intent intelligence from the Signifyd Commerce Network to make real-time decisions on whether to accept or reject incoming orders. 

Signifyd has the ability to identify patterns of fraudulent activity, including more difficult to detect cases of BOPIS and curbside pickup fraud, by analyzing orders against a database of vast variables.

Automate curbside and delivery fulfillment risk‑free

On any chargeback claim that was Signifyd approved, merchants receive a refund within 48 hours, including shipping and other fees.

By relying on Signifyd’s decisions, you can confidently automate fulfillment processes without incurring any financial losses due to fraud, even for high risk orders such as BOPIS and curbside pickups.

Mitigate return abuse while streamlining refunds for good returners

Signifyd provides risk scores and recommended actions on incoming return requests to protect your business from the most common refund scams faced by home goods retailers – such as opportunistic shoppers taking advantage of “keep/donate product on refund” return policies to walk away with free products.

Equip your customer support team with the insight they need to spot dishonest INR and SNAD refund requests and save on reverse logistic expenses by blocking return fraud outright.

Acquire loyal shoppers and a competitive advantage with seamless shopping experiences

With automated order decisions and a reduction in false declines, customers can easily shop on your site without any delays. As a result, shoppers exit the site with a positive experience, eager to come back for more.

Home goods retailers sleep better at night
with Signifyd’s commerce protection

“We set out to build an online experience that matched the innovative heritage and premium feel of our versatile product lines while putting consumers’ needs at the center of it all. Adobe Commerce provides the powerful platform and partnership ecosystem to do that. Add to that Signifyd’s precision commerce protection — which speeds up fulfillment and ensures that good orders are not turned away — and we are able to provide Lovesac customers with the experience they deserve and one that will keep them coming back.”



The State of Home Goods

Since the pandemic, the home goods spending surge has begun to settle as shoppers are equally split between spending more or less on home goods.


In order to re-energize spending, home goods merchants have found unique opportunities with customers who have recently begun making purchases with them. As the influx in new shoppers rises, retailers have the opportunity to increase market share and replace customers lost to churn.