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Signifyd provides fraud protection globally, click on each region below to find out the latest YoY statistics and vertical views of fraud pressure.

Sales YoY % change year to date


Average Order Value YoY % change year to date


Fraud Pressure YoY % change year to date

Sales YoY % change year to date by category

From the Commerce Network

Signifyd’s Commerce Network tracks the ecommerce transactions of thousands of merchants and millions of consumers worldwide. Second only to Amazon’s, this rich commerce dataset paints a clear picture of ecommerce health, trends and future challenge.

Last month at a glance


Sales YoY % change


AOV YoY % change


Fraud pressure YoY % change


Consumer abuse YoY % change

Year over year ecommerce growth by category
Fraud Pressure

Signifyd Fraud Pressure Index charts the rise and fall year over year of very high risk – and presumably fradulent – orders over time and across industry verticals.

Consumer Abuse

Signifyd’s Consumer Abuse Index charts the rise and fall year over year of policy abuse committed by legitimate cardholders. It examines the percentage of chargebacks fought by Signifyd and successfully won over time. This index assumes winnable chargebacks are highly likely to be true consumer abuse.

Buy online pick up in-store

The in-store and curbside pickup graph measures the monthly YoY growth of sales purchased online and picked up in-store or at the curbside. It also shows the percentage of all orders purchased online and picked up in-store or curbside.

Average order value (AOV)

The year over year AOV order graph shows the increase in spend online compared to the same month last year.

Commerce vertical deep dives

Reports on ecommerce performance varies widely by category. Take a deeper dive by vertical into emerging trends and benchmark your company against others in your category.

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Pulse insights and reports

  • Shift to private label brands
  • BNPL growth
  • Sustainable commerce
  • Bot attacks
Shift to private label brands
With inflation putting a squeeze on household budgets there has been a concerted shift towards cheaper alternatives in the grocery industry. Private label brands have seen strong growth in recent times as consumers trade down on thier grocery shopping.
BNPL growth
Splitting out the growth of BNPL transactions YoY and other transactions we see that early in the year there has been a large increase in popularity for the payment method.
Sustainable commerce
Consumers demand for more options to shop responsibly has been on the rise this year. With sustainable values no longer a nice to have for merchants, consumers are shopping with there feet and turning to more sustainable products. This chart shows the rise in sales of sustainable products in the commerce network.
Bot attacks
Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in there methods to try and dupe merchants. This is evident in the rise in bot attacks signifyd is detecting in merchant transations. Bot attacks are an automated way to expose weak points and exacerbate losses if not identified in a timly manner.

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