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A commerce protection regimen that’ll make your business glow

Strengthen your business with reliable, real‑time fraud and abuse prevention.

Merchants look to unmask fraud and
abuse while facing new challenges

3DS makes friction-heavy
CX the norm

Although 3DS is effective in reducing payment fraud, it also inconveniences legitimate shoppers. While friction is expected, seamless experiences can differentiate retailers in the European market.

Low AOV items
spike card testing

Beauty merchants are highly susceptible to card testing as fraudsters buy low-priced items like travel fragrances to avoid detection and take advantage of low value exemptions.

Rising rate
of online returns

As online orders increase, the complexity of managing returns does too. Retailers struggle to mitigate abuse losses while also meeting consumer expectations for streamlined returns.

Subscription boxes
fuel consumer abuse

Frustration abounds when customers forget to cancel subscriptions, leading chargebacks and overall confusion as merchants try to distinguish honest claims from abuse.

By analysing data from thousands of global merchants, Signifyd can detect and prevent fraudulent activity while ensuring a seamless experience for genuine customers. With Signifyd’s instant decisions, you can enhance conversion rates and confidently automate processes while pursuing additional initiatives.

With Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, beauty & cosmetics retailers see a:

Increase in
approval rates
Reduction in
fulfilment time
In abusive

How it works

Provide a seamless login experience for genuine shoppers

By analysing transactional and behavioural data from our Commerce Network, Signifyd is able to uncover the true identity behind login activity.

Efficiently fast track genuine customers from login to checkout while minimising brand damaging account takeovers.

Eliminate manual review with real‑time order decisions

Powered by our global Commerce Network, Signifyd’s automated decision engine delivers instant decisions, thereby eliminating the need for manual review.

On average, beauty retailers experience a 3% increase in approvals with Signifyd’s ability to recognize the identity and intent behind all transactions.

Boost automation — risk free

If a non-fraud chargeback occurs on an order we approve, you’ll be reimbursed within 48 hours, including shipping and other fees. This coverage extends to include fraud chargebacks on SCA exemptions, ensuring where an issuer’s liability shift ends – Signifyd’s begins.

This gives you the confidence to automate fulfilment based on Signifyd’s decisions knowing you’ll pay $0 in chargeback losses.

In an industry with crucial delivery timelines and customer expectations, this reduction in order processing results in a competitive advantage for retailers.

Mitigate returns abuse while confidently streamlining refunds for customers

Signifyd assesses risk for every return and refund request based on the shopper's history of returns, giving your team recommendations on whether and how to proceed according to policies you set.

Signifyd protects against all types of scams faced by beauty retailers including refund abuse such as Item Not Received and Significantly Not As Described, counterfeit returns and more.

Gain loyal customers and a competitive advantage with seamless shopping

Customers are able to enjoy their shopping experience without friction or delay thanks to order automation and reduction in false declines. As a result, shoppers leave your site with a positive experience, eager to come back for more as loyal customers.

2 of the top 5 beauty retailers trust
Signifyd for commerce protection

“Since we became Signifyd customers, our business has expanded into the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. With Signifyd, there was not even a learning period in these regions. Typically, you would expect to see a dip in approval rates, but we were able to hit the ground running. We maintained an above 98% approval rate from day one in all three.”

— Lyn Carbine,
International Territory Manager,


Explore the latest trends in beauty and cosmetics

As shoppers become more sophisticated than ever, you need to know what they want, when they want it, and how they want to buy it. Signifyd’s Pulse data provides ongoing coverage of changes and trends emerging in the beauty & cosmetics landscape.

Get the latest trends for your business

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