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Building a stack of blocks to symbolize building an ecommerce tech stack
Better Ecommerce September 25, 2018

Do Ecommerce Tech Stack Options Offer Too Much Choice?

Kushagra Shrivastava, managing director of Yahoo Small Business, says its never been a better time for entrepreneurs to launch an ecommerce business. But there are challenges, including sifting through the array of tech solutions designed to help.

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Satisfied online shopper with coffee while looking at her laptop
Fraud September 21, 2018

Friction vs Fraud: Building a Smooth Checkout Experience

The rapid evolution of technology means that ecommerce retailers no longer face the unenviable question: Which is more important? Friction-free customer experience or robust fraud protection. We live in a world where retailers can have it all.

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A man moving his couch into his home
Better Ecommerce September 18, 2018

Technology is Driving Click-and-Collect Forward

Retailers have been talking about buy online pick up in store for a long time. Why? Because it’s always held great promise. But now, thanks to advances in technology, that promise is becoming a reality even for retailers in verticals who had been slow to embrace it, because of logistical challenges and consumers’ preference for seeing…

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Fraud September 13, 2018

Audiophile or Fraudster?

Who buys forty pairs of headphones? For most retailers the answer is simple: A fraudster. Especially when each pair cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Such orders are expected from fraudsters eager to resell high quality electronics at a discount for instant cash. But Moon Audio knows that many such orders are coming from…

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A woman examining test results of a digital system
Fraud September 13, 2018

What You Should Know About PCI DSS Penetration Testing

It seems not a day goes by that you don’t read about another massive data breach. The sad fact is that breaches happen all the time. Cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated and increasingly motivated by the lucrative trade in personal information — names, birth dates, social security numbers, credit card accounts. Those bits of information are…

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cans lining store shelves
Better Ecommerce September 12, 2018

How Digital Natives Use Direct to Consumer Marketing

The data digitally native retailers gather in their early online days can be pure gold for those who aspire to build an omnichannel empire. Dan Neiweem of Avionos explains why.

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A delivery person handing over a package at a front door
Better Ecommerce September 7, 2018

How Brands and Makers are Riding the Direct-to-Consumer Wave

Digitally native retailers are not the only ones making waves with direct-to-consumer strategies. We talk to Avionos co-founder Dan Neiweem about how traditional brands and manufacturers are taking advantage of the digital transformation to improve their marketing and their products.

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Executive sitting at laptop discovering the cost and revenue numbers are not good.
Fraud September 5, 2018

The True Cost of Online Fraud Might Surprise You

The financial pain of pilfered merchandise is just the beginning for online retailers hit by fraud. The bigger cost comes from missed sales opportunities. Now retailers are turning to new fraud-protection methods to regain the upper hand.

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A look at the Earth\'s curvature with digital art overlayed
Fraud August 30, 2018

Video: How to View Fraud When Expanding Internationally

One of the joys of visiting a foreign country is reveling in all that is mystifying and different. Of course, that’s not always a good thing. Just ask an online retailer looking to open new international markets. Fraud has a whole different look.

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An illustration of human+machine, showing the shape of a human head with circuitry
Fraud August 21, 2018

Human + Machine is the Answer for Ecommerce Fraud Protection

It’s not whether a human or a machine is better at detecting online fraud. The answer lies in pairing the best of both, participants at the NYPAY “Ecommerce and the Ever Evolving Face of Fraud” panel conclude.

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