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Shelves full of law books to symbolize the EU's sweeping GDPR
Better Ecommerce May 18, 2018

Not Ready for GDPR? Hey, You’ve Got Nearly a Week

Sure, many of the particulars of GDPR are a bit murky. But it’s happening — and it affects many retailers and other businesses in the United States. So, why not find the positive in what GDPR can say about you as a business?

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A beat-up old car that is symbolic of legacy retailers looking to upgrade their fraud protection
Fraud May 15, 2018

Now’s the Time to Invest in the Future of Ecommerce Fraud Protection

Not only does pairing the old in fraud prevention with the new provide a check on traditional systems’ one-way learning, it also allows a an ecommerce merchant to invest gradually in the new model of fraud prevention.

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Better Ecommerce May 10, 2018

Signifyd Report Shows the Apparel Industry is Changing at Warp Speed

The apparel retail sector is shifting rapidly. The definition of brands is changing. Technology, international market forces and consumer habits are forcing big changes and challenges. But there is also opportunity. Signifyd’s Risk & Reward: The Apparel Industry’s Digital Transformation analyzes the current state and the future of apparel.

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Igor Bulavko on Voices from the Dark Web promotional slide
Fraud May 9, 2018

Digging Through the Dark Web Can Pay Off for Fraud Professionals

The Dark Web is a scary place filled with fraudsters, fakers and felons. But it is also a rich resource for threat intelligence experts who are looking to identify stolen personal information. Credit Karma’s Igor Bulavko recently explored the good-guy potential of the internet’s dark underside at Signifyd’s latest Payment/Fraud Meetup.

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Sign for BOPIS pick up area at a store
Better Ecommerce May 3, 2018

Video: Retailers Face Pick-Up-In-Store Challenges

Buy-online-pick-up-in-store means meeting customers where they are when it comes to how they want to shop. But it also comes with a distinctive set of challenges for retailers. Retail strategist Carl Boutet lays out some key considerations in doing BOPIS right in this video interview.

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Better Ecommerce April 30, 2018

Bread Revamps Instant Financing for the Ecommerce Age

With online point-of-sale financing, consumers are more likely to buy and more likely to buy more, says Bread co-founder Daniel Simon. And as an added bonus, when done properly, consumers are also more likely to visit a digital merchant again.

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Better Ecommerce April 27, 2018

Retail’s Center Can’t Hold Without Great Customer Experiences

Having unique inventory or scarce inventory, is certainly a shield against irrelevance and oblivion for retailers. But there is another way, too — providing a unique or memorable experience for customers, something which could also be defined as scarce.

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Better Ecommerce April 25, 2018

BOPIS is Good News/Bad News for Retailers, Signifyd Survey Finds

Enterprise retailers see buy-online-pick-up-in-store as a competitive imperative, but also recognize significant challenges when it comes to delivering — or in this case, not delivering, a Signifyd survey found.

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News & Media April 19, 2018

Signifyd is Named One of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work

The Silicon Valley Business Journal and the San Francisco Business Times named Signifyd one of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work for the third year running.

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Fraud April 16, 2018

Why machine learning is not the silver-bullet solution to online fraud

Machine learning has emerged as the best tool to fight fraud at scale, and merchants with the right instincts are increasingly turning to it for solutions. However, too many merchants are looking to machine learning as a panacea for fraud, and some vendors are irresponsibly fueling that belief, advocating a total replacement of seasoned fraud experts in favor of the machine.

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