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Fraud February 15, 2018

Structube’s Global Expansion Begins at Home

Structube is growing fast and expanding globally. Signifyd helps Structube accept more orders while eliminating fraud losses and manual reviews.

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Woman ponders an online order: Is it legitimate or fraudulent? Guaranteed fraud protection can help the machine learn.
Fraud February 14, 2018

How Retailers Can Put the Positive in False Positives

Evolving technology requires evolving thinking for online merchants when it comes to false positives — or orders mistakenly declined for fear of fraud. The goal of modern fraud protection isn’t to eliminate all fraudulent orders, but rather to become better at differentiating between fraudulent and legitimate orders.

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diamond ring in a box, held by hands, jewelers selling high-value items face Valentine's Day fraud challenges
Fraud February 8, 2018

Valentine’s Day Ignites Passion for Innovative Online Fraud Protection

Many Valentine’s Day online orders are laden with red flags: first-time customers, high-value items, mismatched addresses. How can merchants keep up with the spike in orders and their increasing complexity. An innovative fraud protection model could be the answer.

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A sign guiding consumers to buy-online-pickup-in-store in the UK, which leads the world in the service.
Better Ecommerce February 6, 2018

Video: How Apparel E-tailers Can Embrace In-Store Pickup

The gap between consumer expectations and retailers’ performance when it comes to buy-online-pickup-in-store, presents multichannel merchants with a vast opportunity to up their game and capture market share. Dean Frew, of the SML Group, has advice on how to do that.

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Downcast retail executive: Experian says nearly half know they aren't taking adequate measures to recognize online fraud
Fraud February 1, 2018

Should Online Merchants Fear Their Customers?

Retailers are missing out on millions of dollars in sales because they are not taking advantage of advances in the fraud field that squarely address the issue of “false declines.”

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An Amazon Prime airplane of the sort that fulfills the promise of two-day shipping
Better Ecommerce January 31, 2018

You Want That Online Order When?

The iPhone reshaped ecommerce, but nothing has had a bigger effect on online retail than Amazon Prime and its two-day shipping. Discuss.

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sleek interior of Rooted menswear store in Nashville
Fraud January 26, 2018

Rooted: Built from the Ground Up

Rooted is the premium apparel and footwear destination in Nashville. Signifyd helps them accept more orders, eliminate fraud losses and reduce manual reviews to focus on growth.

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Better Ecommerce January 25, 2018

What the Coffee Pour Over Wars Teach Ecommerce About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence inspires passions among those who decry the loss of the human touch. In turns out, the beauty of artificial intelligence is not that it takes the human out of the picture; it’s that it allows the humans who are in the picture to tackle higher-level problems.

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Retail professionals scurry through the Javits convention center at the NRF Big Show.
Better Ecommerce January 23, 2018

Ecommerce Wisdom From NRF’s Big Show

Retailers need to build a new customer experience and much of the talk at the annual NRF trade show last week was about how technology— and particularly artificial intelligence — can help build that experience.

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Fraud January 19, 2018

Golden Denim Revives the Art of Making Jeans in Los Angeles

Global demand for handmade jeans creates tremendous pressure from international fraud syndicates. Signifyd protects Golden Denim with Guaranteed Fraud Protection.

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