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Commerce protection that will never go out of style

Expose your style, without exposing your business.

The most unflattering trend in fashion? We think it’s fraud and abuse.

Ecommerce growth with a side of friction

With the rise in ecommerce sales, manual review fails to keep up. Consequently, fraud management begins to slow down orders, adding friction to the buying process.

Mass inventory levels spike promo abuse

As retailers offload seasonal inventory with promos and discounts, ingenious shoppers take advantage of promos, leaving retailers with a larger loss than anticipated.

Generous return policies result in return & refund abuse

Consumers expect generous return policies, however some shoppers take advantage of these benefits via bracketing and wardrobing fraud.

Resellers: friend
or foe?

For some retailers, resellers are legitimate buyers. For others, resellers are detrimental to the customer relationship they have worked so hard to develop. How can merchants protect themselves from such a unique, subjective issue?

With transactional and behavioral data from thousands of global merchants, Signifyd identifies and blocks fraudulent activity while providing a frictionless experience for genuine customers. With Signifyd’s instant decisions, you can enhance conversions — giving you the confidence to automate and focus on additional initiatives.

With Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, fashion retailers see a:

Increase in
approval rates
Reduction in
fulfillment time
Reduction in
Reduction in returns
abuse losses

How it works

Provide a seamless login experience for genuine shoppers

Signifyd detects the true identity behind login activity thanks to transactional and behavioral data from the Commerce Network.

Fast track good customers from login-to-checkout while mitigating brand damaging account takeovers.

Utilize real time order decisions to eliminate manual review

Powered by the Signifyd Commerce Network, Signifyd’s automated decision engine delivers approve or deny decisions in milliseconds – eliminating the need for manual review.

Signifyd’s ability to recognize the identity & intent behind all transactions helps fashion retailers increase approvals by 4.5% on average.

Protect against promo and reseller abuse, on your terms

Abuse is not one size fits all. While some retailers might be comfortable with serial promotion use or resellers, others might consider these activities abusive.

With the use of Decision Center, merchants have the ability to customize protection based on their personal definition of abuse.

Strengthen automation – risk free

With Signifyd’s instant decisions and guarantee on approved orders, retailers have the confidence to automate fulfillment so that they can focus on additional initiatives.

In an industry where delivery timelines are crucial, the reduction in order processing time is a competitive advantage for retailers.

Confidently protect against return abuse schemes like bracketing and wardrobing fraud.

Signifyd protects against the most common scams faced by fashion retailers, including refund abuse, such as INR and SNAD, and clothing returns abuse like wardrobing fraud and bracketing.

Signifyd provides risk scores and recommended actions on every return and refund request based on a shopper’s history of returns.

Gain a competitive advantage by providing seamless experiences

With orders automated and false declines reduced, consumers can enjoy their shopping experience without friction or delays. As a result, shoppers leave the site with a positive experience and are eager to come back for more as loyal customers.

3 of the top 5 fashion retailers in the US trust
Signifyd for commerce protection

“Signifyd helped us not only survive, but thrive during a challenging peak period without any issues. And during non peak times, Signifyd is a consistent partner willing to take on as much work as is required to support operations. Their analysis and feedback has led to several critical changes to the way our team operates, and for that we are grateful.”

— John Fasline,
Manager, Digitization and Automation


The State of Customer Loyalty
in Fashion: A Love Affair

Typically, it costs 3x more to acquire a new customer than to maintain the spark with an existing one. However, loyalty is not a linear path for shoppers in the fashion industry. By analyzing online purchases in the fashion and apparel market, Signifyd navigates and classifies the complexity of customer relationships and identifies where loyalties lie in 2023.