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auto parts ecommerce

Commerce protection built for speed

Rev up protection against fraud and abuse, while keeping good shoppers in the fast lane.

Customer experience full of speed bumps? Fraud prevention may be to blame.

High fraud pressure

The auto parts industry is a popular target of fraudsters. Auto parts are expensive and in constant demand, ensuring fraudsters can always turn a profit on stolen goods.

Increasing consumer abuse

Lucrative schemes abound for dishonest shoppers too, who request illegitimate refunds from merchants or file dishonest chargebacks with issuers to secure free products.

Manual review vs CX equation

With liability for fraud and abuse on the table, and limited access to ecommerce wide fraud data, retailers struggle to choose between streamlining orders and reducing risk exposure.

Signifyd’s predictive models detect risk at key conversion points across the digital shopper’s journey, allowing auto parts retailers to trust good customers with a fast and seamless shopping experience risk‑free.

With Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, auto parts retailers see a:

Increase in
order approvals
Reduction in
chargeback losses
Decision automation

How it works

Eliminate manual review with instant order decisions

Signifyd contextualizes incoming orders with corresponding activity across the Signifyd Commerce Network to accurately deliver accept or reject decisions in real-time.

Signifyd has a shopper identification of 98%, allowing you to recognize good shoppers from bad with precision – even as you enter new markets and encounter novel fraud patterns.

Automate fulfillment risk-free

If a chargeback occurs on an order we approve, you’ll be reimbursed within 48 hours, including shipping and other fees.

This gives you the confidence to automate fulfillment based on Signifyd’s decisions knowing you’ll pay $0 in fraud losses.

Trust your best customers with flexible returns and refunds

Signifyd analyzes a shopper’s history of returns across ecommerce to assign a risk score to every return and refund request.

We give your team recommendations on whether and how to proceed, based on policies you set. Customize returns based on the returner – for example, offering instant refunds for VIP customers, redirecting abusive shoppers to in-store returns and blocking fraudulent returns outright.

The automotive industry fights CNP fraud with Signifyd

“We had a rollout plan of 6 months for BOPIS, but with Covid, we rolled it out in 6 weeks. We were
only able to do that because of our close relationship with Signifyd. They made it an
easy transition from our already seamless process for Ship to Home orders to BOPIS.

With Signifyd, our leadership has analytics that we didn’t even know existed. They’ve helped
us cut down on hours of investigating individual orders and boosted the overall success rate
on our orders. The money spent is money back in our pocket.”