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Authorization Rate Optimization

Influence authorization rates with enhanced data

Increase authorization rates up to 3% by sharing enhanced data directly with issuers.

Authorization Rate Optimization

Influence authorization rates with enhanced data

Increase authorization rates up to 3% by sharing enhanced data directly with issuers.

Authorization Rate Optimization mitigates any data fragmentation and reduces the occurrence of falsely declined bank authorizations. Signifyd’s direct connection to issuing banks allow every approved order sent for authorization to be enriched with industry leading transactional intelligence and network insights from the Signifyd Commerce Network, proving the order is legitimate before authorization occurs.

Enhance authorization rates and increase revenue
with Authorization Rate Optimization

Intelligently analyze transactions

Industry-leading transaction intelligence combined with best-in-class machine learning to accurately discern which transactions will be accepted, before authorization actually occurs.

Optimize for conversion

With Auth Rate Optimization, processing a payment with diversions is simple. Transactions will always be optimized for authorization to diminish the risk of failure.

Increase revenue across the payment journey

By preventing payment failures before they happen, merchants save on costly authorization fees. By sending dramatically cleaner traffic to banks, merchants can squeeze more revenue out of every transaction.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“As the global ecommerce market continues to grow and payments and checkout needs become more complex, merchants require more sophisticated solutions to optimize transaction acceptance while protecting commerce. We are continually impressed with Signifyd’s innovative approach to this market need and our partnership with them has helped us unlock better experiences for both our merchants and their shoppers.”

— Jim Johnson
, Head of Merchant Solutions

How it works

Merchants are onboarded easily with one click

Signifyd’s partner API powers a simple on-off integration, allowing you to turn on commerce protection for new merchants with just one click.

Risk assess all transactions before authorization

Before the point of authorization, Signifyd risk assesses all transactions to filter out fraudulent orders from the traffic sent to issuing banks – backing approved orders with a 100% financial guarantee.

Empower merchants with enhanced data and intelligence from the world’s largest commerce network

Leveraging partner issuers’ enhanced data API, approved orders are sent to the issuing bank enriched with additional data points from Signifyd’s Commerce Network, including order score, order decision, IP address, device ID, email address, geo-location, gift card indicator, phone number, shipping name and address and more.

Increase revenue and enhance
authorization rates by 1-3%

This enhanced dataset gives issuers visibility into the pre‑authorization fraud screening process and allows them to more easily identify and streamline legitimate transactions through authorization at a 1-3% higher rate.

Of orders are falsely declined for authorization by banks
More revenue is lost to false declines than legitimate fraud
Of customers will not return to a merchant due to a falsely declined order

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