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Better Ecommerce Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is packed with the best of the Signifyd blog and additional curated content to help retail professionals stay ahead of the head-spinning changes that define the industry.

Keep up with the latest on how COVID-19 is affecting retail and how merchants can best continue conducting business in the time of coronavirus.

Why We Do It

Why we do it

Signifyd’s Better Ecommerce Newsletter is your essential source of thought-leadership, news analysis and reflection on retail culture. We know you’re involved in serious business, and we admire your drive and determination. We strive to be trusted, helpful and knowledgeable — and to never, ever be boring.

We have an agenda, and we don’t shy away from it. But we happen to think our agenda — promoting practices that lead to better ecommerce and spreading the word that friction-free commerce is a key to success and profitability — makes things better for everyone.

Our approach

We apply the same standards to our Better Ecommerce Newsletter that we apply to the Signifyd blog. We take a journalistic approach to our storytelling, and we value honesty, accuracy, fairness and relevance.

We are determined to respect your time, and we are always open to dialogue, criticism and points of view that counter our own.


Our community

Our vision is to produce more than words on a screen. We endeavor to build a community of professionals with ideas, ambition and a burning interest in retail. We hope to provide ideas and inspiration for those who are taking on the challenge of operating, contributing to and growing retail enterprises in the first half of the 21st century. We want to reflect your reality and give you insights into realities you haven’t yet discovered. Please join us.

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