Guaranteeing Online Payments Against Fraud

The Nilson Report - Signifyd, ThreatMetrix

In this month’s issue of The Nilson Report, Signifyd and ThreatMetrix are featured in an article titled “Guaranteeing Online Payments Against Fraud”. For the full article, please visit The Nilson Report (subscription required).

The article outlines how Signifyd is one of only three companies offering a guarantee against fraud losses for ecommerce merchants. It explains how Signifyd’s machine learning reviews thousands of data points in real time and how merchants are reimbursed for chargebacks, including taxes and shipping costs.

Signifyd’s relationship and partnership with ThreatMetrix is explained briefly. ThreatMetrix verifies more than 20 billion transactions a year and holds information on a billion people across the world. ThreatMetrix analyzes connections between devices and locations, personal information, cybersecurity threats and other consumer behavior to protect its customers against fraud. Through the partnership ThreatMetrix will promote Signifyd’s guarantee service to its customers and smaller merchants will be able to access ThreatMetrix through their link to Signifyd.

The article begins and concludes with an interesting analogy to Signifyd’s guarantee service and the guarantee against fraud losses from checks that brick and mortar retailers have been able to purchase since the 1970s.

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