August 25, 2017
Mike Cassidy
Mike is lead storyteller at Signifyd. A former journalist, he covers e-commerce and the way automation is changing digital commerce. He's a retail geek. And, as a White Sox fan, he's resilient.

Signifyd to Host Bay Area Payment Fraud Meetup with Google Data Scientist Swami Vaithianathasamy

Join us for another in Signifyd’s continuing series of events to bring together Bay Area professionals with online fraud expertise. Our Payment Fraud Meetup on Sept. 14 will look at the role of machine learning in powering the most advanced fraud detection and prevention systems.

All industry professionals, including merchants, payment processors and solution providers are welcome and encouraged to attend. It will be an evening for learning at Signifyd’s San Jose headquarters, but also a chance to meet with fellow payment risk professionals and share challenges, insights and best practices in the war against online fraudsters.

We can promise a friendly atmosphere and ample snacks and drinks to keep your energy up for what will undoubtedly be a spirited discussion.

Eventbrite - Payment Fraud Meetup with Google's Swami Vaithianathasamy

Google data scientist Swami Vaithianathasamy, our guest speaker, will present “Unique Challenges and Opportunities in Applying Machine Learning to Detect Online Fraud.” Vaithianathasamy will explore the evolution of online fraud detection from rules-based methods that have come up short, to machine learning systems that help merchants keep up with the ever-changing methods of fraudsters and the accelerating pace of online commerce.

He’ll look at how machine learning is propelling fraud-prevention in the early 21st century and highlight how using machine learning in fraud detection is significantly different from using machine learning in more traditional roles — such as image recognition or weather forecasting.

Beyond the formal program, there will be plenty of time to get to know fellow professionals who face some of the same challenges you do and who may have discovered solutions that you’ve yet to consider. Those who’ve attended past Payment Fraud Meetups say the chance to broaden their perspectives is invaluable.

“It’s great to meet people and understand the challenges of others,” said Veena Hirannaiah, a payment fraud specialist with analytics giant SAS who attended a Signifyd Meetup in June. “You’re listening and hearing about what other people are doing.”

Our Guest Speaker: Swami (Swaminathan) Vaithianathasamy, team lead, data science at Google. Swami is a veteran modeler with more than 16 years of experience applying machine learning to payments and fraud detection systems. His career started at ACI Worldwide payment systems after which he spent over seven years at PayPal’s Advanced Risk Sciences team. At PayPal, he grew from senior risk modeler to become director of risk detection. He currently heads Google’s payments data science team, which tackles fraud detection, growth and checkout optimizations for Google’s vast ecosystem.

Eventbrite - Payment Fraud Meetup with Google's Swami Vaithianathasamy

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