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Signifyd builds a diverse leadership team for the next step

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Our people have always been our biggest asset, and by that measure, we’ve just come into an embarrassment of riches.

The Signifyd leadership team brings incredible experience and ambition — we’ve assembled ex-Google, PayPal, RocketFuel, NetSuite, Brocade and Bain Capital execs (to name a few) — but when it comes to our executive team, we have admittedly struggled to match the rich diversity of our customer base. In particular, women have been underrepresented in our leadership ranks.

I love this company. I know that I have been incredibly fortunate. From everything I see and hear in Silicon Valley, I am in the vast minority, having never felt significantly negatively impacted by being a female in an ecosystem that is largely dominated by males.

Beyond pleased to have landed three superstars

We, as a company, have established a phenomenal support system for our female employees, from our Women of Signifyd resource group, to our generous parental leave policy and flexible working arrangements. However, as our only female executive, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that it can feel isolating at times. That’s why I’m beside myself that we’ve landed not one, but three superstar female leaders to join our ranks.

Signifyd Head of Marketing Operations and Strategy Jacqueline Au, our new

Jacqueline Au

If our marketing team had conjured up the operations leader of their dreams, they would never have been able to top Jacqueline Au, our new head of marketing operations and strategy. She is a total powerhouse – finance background, experience running demand gen, marketing ops, field marketing and website at Druva. And she brings high-growth experience from her time at RingCentral (both pre- and post-IPO). She fits right in here, sharing Signifyd’s appreciation of curiosity and an ability to roll up her sleeves and get deep into the technical flow.

Signifyd Head of Customer Marketing Kalina Bryant

Kalina Bryant

Equally impressive is Kalina Bryant, our new head of customer marketing. Prior to joining Signifyd, Kalina led customer marketing at both Anaplan and Talkdesk, including leading up to Anaplan’s successful IPO and Talkdesk securing unicorn status. Along with developing customer marketing programs, Kalina also developed a global women’s interest network at Anaplan and still remains as the chair. Kalina has proven success in designing and scaling customer advocacy programs, global customer events, developing customer relationships and ensuring a customer engagement process everyone within the company can be a part of.

Instant impact in the startup world

Signifyd Head of Sales Operations Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena

And just this week, Rosalyn Santa Elena joined us as our first-ever head of sales operations. With almost 20 years of leadership experience supporting sales teams from 30 to 1,500-plus, she has definitely “been there, done that,” but still has the passion to build the systems, processes and tools that we need at Signifyd. In fact, she feels most at home in a startup environment where the pace is fast and the impact is significant (and hers certainly will be here).

I couldn’t be more excited to work with these venerable women as together we propel Signifyd to the next stage. It doesn’t go without saying, so I’ll say it: Kalina, Jackie and Rosalyn, I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to be a witness as you use your strength, power and unique perspectives to make massive improvements to our business and to amplify the voices of our other female employees. Our entire company is immeasurably lucky to have you, but I, personally, feel both grateful and extremely proud to call you my teammates.

Welcome aboard!

Emily Mikailli

Emily Mikailli

Emily is Signifyd’s senior vice president of people operations and views herself as responsible for every element of the candidate and employee experience. Before arriving at Signifyd in 2016, she worked in human resources at Survey Monkey, recruited legal talent at Google and was an account executive at Robert Half. Emily holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and she is a licensed attorney with a law degree from the Santa Clara University School of Law.