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Signifyd named in CB Insights Fintech 250

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Fintech 250 badge We are deeply humbled and honored to be recognized by CB Insights as one of the 250 top private companies changing the face of financial services around the world. This list is created through a purely data-driven, algorithmic process that uses CB Insights data. They’ve gathered this data via their machine learning technology (dubbed “The Cruncher”) as well as via several thousand direct submissions from firms and individual professionals using The Editor.

The Company Mosaic page walks through the factors considered in the algorithm in some detail but at a high level, it considers several factors including: 

  • Momentum: Considers non-traditional signals including news mentions, sentiment, jobs data/hiring, social media, web traffic and usage, partnerships, and more. 
  • Market: Quantifies the health of the sector and industry the company is involved in, including funding, deals, exit activity, and hiring.  
  • Money: Assesses financial signals including funding recency and total raised. 
  • Investor quality: Weighs the quality of the investors participating in deals to the company, judging investors based on exits, returns, and portfolio quality.

From insurance to blockchain to lending to wealth management to regtech, and more; the list is comprised of companies in sectors from across the fintech spectrum and across markets.

Signifyd was founded to make fraud-free ecommerce available to every business. Signifyd solves the challenges that growing ecommerce businesses persistently face: billions of dollars lost in chargebacks, customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines, and operational costs due to tedious, manual transaction investigation. As the world’s largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Signifyd provides a 100 percent financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks on every approved order. This effectively shifts the liability for fraud away from ecommerce merchants allowing them to increase sales and open new markets while reducing risk. Signifyd is in use by multiple companies on the Fortune 1000 and Internet Retailer Top 500 list. Signifyd is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

Sourabh Kothari

Sourabh Kothari

Sourabh is the former Director of Merchant Advocacy at Signifyd, where he brought over 18 years of experience defining, designing and delivering content through stories, events and video.