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Signifyd identified by Core2 group as “Company on the Move”

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September 2014 – Core2 Group has identified Signifyd as its most recent “Company on the Move”, highlighting Signifyd’s outstanding execution and growth in the technology sector. Signifyd has earned this achievement by demonstrating both strong performance to date and also a strong likelihood for future growth based on Core2 Group’s trajectory measurements. Signifyd joins automotive powerhouse Toyota and Silicon Valley based wealth management service, Wealthfront, on the list of companies highlighted by Core2 Group in August.

Core2 Group takes an insightful approach to performance and risk measurement, utilizing Digital Footprint DataTM gleaned from a wide range of web traffic data points combined with more traditional measurements of fiscal and commercial performance to chart industry sentiment and forecast business results. Through this analysis, Core2 Group is able to provide daily predictive insights on business, brand, and economic performance that allow their customers to dramatically outperform industry standard rates of return and return versus volatility.

Core2 Group noted that Signifyd has shown a strong increase in brand awareness since May, with an uptrend in brand momentum in 86 of the past 90 days. Further, Core2 Group’s BPI to BPI.GPS ratio, a measure of trajectory of change, suggests continued strong growth over the next several months.

The best illustration of Core2 Group’s analysis is, of course, the continued success of Signifyd customers. Signifyd is able to consistently deliver outstanding results in the areas of fraud reduction and increased operational efficiency, giving Signifyd customers a substantial advantage over those merchants using other anti-fraud solutions.

Signifyd is proud to be highlighted as a Core2 Group “Company on the Move”.

About Core2 Group
Core2 Group, Inc. is a solutions-based provider of digital activity data from website, email and machine-to-machine traffic. Offering daily predictive insights on business, brand and economic performance for small businesses and public firms, Core2 helps companies monitor and track digital performance for the company, peers and sectors. The foundation of Core2 Group’s solutions is its unique Digital Footprint Data™, a daily global authoritative data source covering 1.3+ million companies and 5000+ brands across 150+ industries and within 200 countries. Core2 currently serves several market verticals, including capital markets, small business credit risk, small business prospecting and performance, global economic insights, private equity and brand momentum. To learn more, visit or email [email protected].

About Signifyd
At Signifyd, we help ecommerce businesses sell confidently while protecting them from fraud. Access, Automation, and Anonymity make fraud possible at industrial scale, and most businesses simply can’t cope. They don’t have the resources or expertise to fight professional fraudsters — they’ve got a real business to run. And yet, the explosion of Customer Data means the raw materials to fight fraud are more accessible than ever. We simplify fraud prevention with tools and expertise built on our years of experience at PayPal, Fraud Sciences, RSA Security and FedEx. We know how to interpret a user’s digital footprint and bridge the gap between Online and Offline Identity. And we know how to do it without creating friction for legitimate users.



Signifyd, the leading commerce protection provider to Digital Commerce 360's top 1,000 merchants, provides an end-to-end Commerce Protection Platform that leverages its Commerce Network to maximize conversion, automate customer experience and eliminate fraud and customer abuse for retailers.