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Future-proofing ecommerce: Lessons in payments and fraud from a Groupon veteran

In an industry as dynamic as ecommerce, staying ahead means embracing change and innovation. Signifyd is thrilled to present an edition of The Fearless Commerce podcast, featuring insights from Brigette Korney, former senior director of payments and fraud at Groupon. Hosted by Mike Cassidy and Adam Silverman, this episode delves into the transformative world of ecommerce, particularly highlighting the integration of payments and fraud prevention.

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Korney’s journey with Groupon, spanning over a decade, offers a unique perspective on the evolving ecommerce landscape. From the growth of Groupon to the broader shifts in retail and technology, her experience encapsulates the challenges and opportunities inherent in this rapidly changing industry. Her expertise in fraud prevention and payment operations provides invaluable insights for anyone navigating the complex world of ecommerce.

This podcast is more than a conversation; it’s a treasure trove of wisdom for ecommerce professionals and enthusiasts alike. Korney’s emphasis on customer-centric strategies and adaptive innovation offers a roadmap for success in an evolving market. Join us at for this enlightening discussion, where learning and inspiration meet at the crossroads of ecommerce and technology.

Podcast chapters


Mike Cassidy and Adam Silverman, co-hosts of the Fearless Commerce podcast, sat down with Brigette Korney, formerly senior director of payments and fraud at Groupon, at Signifyd’s FLOW Summit. They discussed the evolving field of ecommerce, particularly focusing on payments, fraud and the retail landscape.

Korney’s background and journey in ecommerce

Korney shared her journey, starting at Groupon in June 2010, highlighting Groupon’s evolution from a deal-of-the-day email service to a varied tech company. Her career progressed through various roles, ultimately leading her to specialize in fraud prevention and payment operations, roles she held for about five years.

Evolution of Groupon and the retail landscape

Korney observed how Groupon transformed from offering simple local deals to becoming a significant player in the ecommerce marketplace. This evolution mirrored broader changes in the ecommerce sector, where customer experience and seamless transactions became increasingly important.

The significance of ecommerce and retail

Her love for fashion and retail initially drew Korney to ecommerce. She emphasized the importance of the customer journey in retail, both online and offline. This focus, dating back to her early experiences at Nordstrom, remains a cornerstone of her approach to ecommerce.

Integration of payments and fraud prevention

Discussing the integration of payments and fraud prevention, Korney mentioned how these domains have traditionally been siloed but are increasingly seen as interconnected. Effective management in these areas can significantly enhance the customer checkout experience.

Technology’s impact on ecommerce

Korney highlighted the role of advanced technologies like AI and ChatGPT in ecommerce. She underscored the importance of adapting these technologies to enhance the customer experience and streamline processes rather than using them for their own sake.

Adapting to changes post-pandemic

The conversation turned to the ongoing impact of the pandemic on ecommerce. Korney noted that the effects of the pandemic would be felt for years and that merchants must adapt to changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

Advice for those entering the field

For those aspiring to work in ecommerce, Korney advised focusing beyond one’s immediate field. Understanding the motivations and needs of various departments and demonstrating how your role can add value to these areas is key to success.

Conclusion and thank you

The podcast concluded with gratitude for Korney’s insights and contributions to the discussion on ecommerce, fraud, and payment operations. Korney’s journey from Groupon to becoming an influential figure in the ecommerce landscape was highlighted as a testament to her expertise and adaptability.

Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd

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