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How is Signifyd different from other solutions?

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Signifyd is different than other fraud protection solutions in several ways:

First, Signifyd is not a detection mechanism that you ping to get a score and integrate into your own decision system, or decide on your own whether you want to approve or reject a purchase. Signifyd delivers a decision; if you so choose (and you should), Signifyd will decide whether it approves or rejects a purchase. Especially for smaller merchants this is crucial since they have little or no risk management capabilities.

Second, Signifyd lets you shift liability to it. This means that if Signifyd approves merchant protection from chargebacks, it compensates you. This is a significant difference compared to most, if not all, fraud prevention companies as the company basically puts its money where its mouth is.

Third, Signifyd uses a plethora of data sources, with emphasis on a wide variety of social data. Companies that offer a connection to other data sources usually adopt an a-la-cart model where you pay for what you use. Since Signifyd integrates everything for a decision it then takes liability for, you don’t need to make that decision but still get the power of social data.

Last, Signifyd’s technology, specifically “graph traversal”, is focused on identifying all types of consumer behaviors, both good and bad. This means that Signifyd not only serves to reduce losses – it also works on reducing rejections and growing your business’s top line.

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Signifyd provides an end-to-end Commerce Protection Platform that leverages its Commerce Network to maximize conversion, automate customer experience and eliminate fraud and customer abuse for retailers.